Youth Services

Youth Services

VisionWest is a Youth Service Provider providing a wraparound service for young people – see As a Youth Service Provider, our goal is to get young people into education, training or work-based learning. This will help young people gain the skills to find a job and have an independent future.

Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET):

Our Youth Service provides one-on-one mentoring for 15*, 16, and 17 year olds who currently have no or low qualifications, or are not in education, employment or further education. *Special criteria apply for 15-year olds.

Your mentor will walk alongside you throughout your education and training, so you never feel like you are doing it all on your own. Your mentor will help you:

• Discuss your needs and set goals for a successful future.

• Come up with a personalised action plan on how to achieve those goals.

• Support you in your education and training, and help you stay on track.

We can also support you with:

• Putting together a strong CV.

• Assisting with job search.

• Providing you with job interview skills so you are well prepared for the next season in your life.

Our approach is holistic, meaning we also connect with your whānau to ensure those closest to you are supporting you through this journey.

Youth Payment (YP) and Young Parent Payment (YPP):

We provide support for 16 - 20 year olds who require independent living with financial support through Work and Income and for young parents who require financial support.

As a Youth Service Provider, we work with young people referred from Avondale, Glenmall and Westgate Work and Income offices.

As with the one-on-one mentoring described above, we will help you set goals for your future and walk alongside you as you work to achieve those goals. We will also assist with the Work and Income requirements required to be eligible for any financial payments.

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