Whanau Centre

Since 2015, the Matapuna Whānau Centre has provided a central entry point for whānau new to VisionWest.

It’s here that VisionWest staff sit with a person and korero—speak together—because it’s through speaking and listening that we hear a person’s story and come to understand their true needs.

The Whānau Centre is not a service or a programme, it is the outworking of an underlying philosophy of holistic care that ensures the support provided to those who come to VisionWest goes beyond the immediate presenting need and touches the deeper needs including the practical support and educational training that will enable them to see their lives transformed.

Wraparound Support

A key to the support provided by VisionWest relates to the reality that most whānau in need of support require more than just one service. By listening to the stories of those who come to us, the Whānau Centre team is able to recognise the needs of each whānau and connect them with the services that can support them in those areas.

This is what we call ‘wraparound support,’ support that meets the deeper needs of community whānau and supports them to a place of whole-of-life transformation.

It’s at the Whānau Centre that this wraparound support and life transformation begins.

The Matapuna Whānau Centre in Action

Tina is not a real person. This is a composite story of many clients showing how the Whānau Centre works in the life of a whānau. Tina came to VisionWest needing food for her family. While food was being packaged for her, she spoke with a member of the Whānau Centre team and expressed a desire to meet with the VisionWest Community Chaplain. An appointment was made and, when talking to the Chaplain, she found the courage to tell us that her husband had been abusive and was threatening her and her children.

Through the Whānau Centre, Tina was connected to our Community Housing Team who found a safe place for her and her children to live. The financial challenge she now faced was helped by her introduction to one of our financial mentors and her children benefited from meeting with one of our Counselling Centre counsellors.

Tina’s life has changed in so many positive ways and she is now meeting with our Māori Mātanga Oranga Whānau trauma specialist to build her self-esteem and improve her personal confidence. Her children are settled in school and Tina is starting some training which will lead into employment. Those are huge changes and they all began because, when Tina needed food, someone listened to her story and arranged for her to receive the support she really needed.

To contact us, phone our Whānau Centre on 09 818-0781.

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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