VisionWest Walking Warrior

VisionWest Walking Warrior


As part of our "May I Help You" month, VisionWest staff are walking Coast to Coast on the 25th May 2019 to help our whānau stay warm and fed this winter.

Who doesn’t love a hot meal in winter?
Roast veg… Potato and gravy… Stir fry… A delicious curry…Yep, NO ONE doesn’t love a hot meal in winter. It’s the taste of warmth, the comfort of home…

And yet so many families in New Zealand are going without. Not just without warm food but also without a warm home. The cost of heating a home brings additional pressure to an already stretched budget. When electricity costs go up, the food budget often suffers and the perpetuation of hardship goes on…

According to Zero Hunger:
  • In New Zealand we produce food for 20 million people in a nation of 5 million.
  • We throw out a staggering $2 billion worth of food domestically each year
  • And yet 100,000 (1 in 5) kids in New Zealand live without adequate or healthy food.

Closer to home:
At VisionWest we have seen food insecurity become an increasing issue, not a decreasing one in West Auckland. Unlike issues around housing accessibility food insecurity is not commonly spoken about but we’re finding that more and more middle income earning whanau – who might have two incomes or a single income from a working parent – are accessing our services. These are whanau who, historically, have not been the ones you expect to see in need of food. So far this year we have seen record numbers of people coming through and expect these numbers to continue to rise during the winter.
But we can change this. You and me – we can make a difference.

Sponsor one of the Walking Warrior team to do the 16km Coast to Coast Walk in Auckland and you will be providing vulnerable whānau with a warm meal and blankets. 

  • $30 will keep a family warm with a set of blankets for winter
  • $60 will provide enough food for a whānau of 4 for a week
  • $100 will stock our shelves with essentials for 4 whānau on any given day

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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