Our Team

Executive Leadership 

Lisa Woolley


Mark Bogusz

Head of Finance

Brook Turner

Head of Community Service Development

Fred Astle

Head of Maori Development

Anna Fraser

Head of People and Culture

Michelle Warner

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Trust Board

Michael Taylor


Steve Parker


Martin Laycock


Arvind Dayal


Sheryl Connell


Gary Grut



Camilla Widgery

Senior Counsellor

Leanne Frost

Counselling Practice Manager

Andi Billington


Garey Clark


Anita Wong


Sharon Hight



Debbie Griffiths-Kahukura

Specialist Financial Mentor

Joanne Wolferstan

Financial Mentor

Sandra Jensen

Financial Mentor

Eden Cottage

Katrina Carr

Head Teacher

Janice Fitzsimmons

Administration Manager

Crystal Lynch


Whanau Centre 

Rayanna Armstrong

Centre Coordinator

Maxine Routh

Whanau Centre Social Worker

Community Housing Team

James Widgery

General Manager

Chrissy Miller

Housing Operations Manager

Tulsi Watts

Administration Coordinator

Nathan Beale

Regional Manager, Christchurch

Will Toia

Clinical Team Leader

Mark Cooke

Team Leader - Luke Street Housing

Faye Pouesi

Housing First Programme Manager

Marie Leef

Housing Intake Coordinator

Danielle Cleverdon

Lead Tenancy Manager

Sonya Coop

Lead Support Navigator

Markly Flores

Lead Support Navigator

Louise Fruean

Tenancy Manager

Lisa Marshall

Health Support Navigator

Sherree Dayal

Support Navigator

Matilda Emori

Support Navigator

Selena Haami

Social Worker

Rachael Prasad

Support Navigator

Jennifer Jiang

Support Navigator

Kellie Kirkland

Support Navigator

No items found.
Lynn Majaya

Support Navigator

Philippa McIver

Support Navigator

Esera Maeata'anoa

Community Worker

Fiona Watene

Peer Support Worker

Danny Hu

Housing Locator

Mal Carr

Repairs and Maintenance Supervisor

Trina Griffiths

Property Liaison Specialist

Edgar Russell

Property & Tenancy Services Coordinator

Mavis Lupo

Support Navigator, Luke Street

Susan Ward

Administration Coordinator, Christchurch

Jesse Nelson

Senior Social Worker, Christchurch

Germaine Neueli

Support Navigator

Phineas Mann

Tenancy Manager, West Auckland

Nadine Stone

Tenancy Administrator, West Auckland

Jonas Lisaca

Support Navigator, West Auckland

Vanessa Stroud

Support Navigator, West Auckland

Tim Miller

Tenancy Manager, Christchurch

Beth Nielsen

Clinical Team Leader, Christchurch

Tiaki Leathers

Community Worker, Christchurch

Training Centre

George Gavet

General Manager

Judy MacDonald


Evelyn Salendra

Literacy & Numeracy Coordinator

Rohan Mane

Hospitality Youth Tutor

Salata Galuvakadua

AE Teacher

Loma Rodan

NCALNE Facilitator

Alice Eruera

Employment Service Facilitator

Sid Tuaoi

Employment Service Lead

Mark Liuliu-Afoa

Workplace Mentor

Matthew Grey

Youth Mentor

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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