Thanks to Z Stations Good in the Hood

Thanks to Z Stations Good in the Hood

During May, the public were out voting at Z Gas Stations throughout the country.  At Stations in West Auckland, VisionWest Food Bank was one of the charities people could vote for.

Thanks to all of you who picked us and to the teams at Z Bruce McLaren Road, Henderson Valley Road, Lincoln Road, and Z Green Bay.    Earlier this month, the VisionWest Food Bank received $3,000.00 from the campaign -wohoo. 

VisionWest Food Bank has been helping West Auckland families for over 20 years. No one deserves to go to bed hungry and sometimes, the budget is tight when unexpected bills come in. That's why we give away more than 2500 Emergency Food Parcels every year. The $3000 we received will help us feed 50+ families in need in our community.  

Thanks for voting for VisionWest Food Bank. And Thanks to Z Stations and Good in the Hood. To read more about Good in the Hood, click here or donate to our Food Bank Directly.

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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