Genesis Energy clean up at VisionWest

Genesis Energy clean up at VisionWest

Last week, the VisionWest campus was, more than usual, a hive of activity.  The buzz of chainsaws ripped the air; dust rose and the earth moved..... when Genesis Energy Volunteers came and helped us clean up. All of VisionWest's services operate off one site in Glen Eden and we have hundreds of visitors each week at our various services around campus. We want them to feel welcome and safe - keeping our campus clean and looking good is part of that. We couldn’t do this without support from people like those from Genesis Energy.  Genesis Energy are proud sponsors of the VisionWest Curtain Bank, which distributes free, upcycled curtains to homes that have inadequate curtains in order to create warmer, healthier living spaces.

One of the great things about partnering with Genesis, is having their support with a variety of other projects throughout the year when they send teams of staff to volunteer with us.  This time, a group of approximately 15 people from the Fuels team came for a full day of shifting bricks, pruning trees, digging holes, and weeding paths. The Fuels team are great - they've already visited VisionWest before to help landscape some of our Community Housing Properties.  One of the Genesis team members, Chris Jewell explained, "we had a great time the last time we were with you guys and the cause really resonated with us.  We love what you guys are doing in the community."

Within 5 hours, the campus looked that much cleaner and tidier.  VisionWest Head of Operations and Partnerships, Richard Nauck, said "There's always something to do here on campus and it's great to get the volunteers on site to do some of these bigger jobs. These guys are machines!  They work really hard and it's just great to have them on board."  

Big Thanks to all of the team!

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