Kaupapa Maori Trauma-Informed Care Centre

Kaupapa Maori Trauma-Informed Care Centre

The Kaupapa Māori Trauma-Informed Care Centre with our Mātanga Trauma Specialist provides Kaupapa Māori based specialised care for West Auckland whānau who are struggling with intergenerational abuse and trauma, and extreme histories of whānau and gang violence.

Based on sound Kaupapa Māori principles, Mātanga Oranga Whānau Trauma specialist enables VisionWest Community Trust to support whānau who may otherwise struggle to engage with service supports specific to their trauma histories.

Personalised and Holistic Whānau Care

Our Mātanga Trauma specialist brings extensive experience in delivering programmes leading to long-term transformation for whānau, particularly Māori who are referred to us.

A key feature of our Kaupapa Māori Trauma-Informed Care content and development is our commitment to whakawhānaungatanga, connecting to the wairua or spirit of each individual’s unique story. This enables us to connect, listen and tailor the support to the specific needs of each whānau seeking support from us.

Engagement with wairuatanga or spirituality is a vital part of the connecting and healing which is also designed for healing of the wairua (spirit) and creating opportunities for self-expression through cultural identity, working in groups and being creative such as using waiata (song) etc.

Personal Wellness and Practical Results

The rising demand for support of this kind means our Kaupapa Māori Trauma-Informed Care service is growing rapidly. At its heart is the desire for personal wellness within our whānau. Other practical results include rewards that have a positive influence on this and future generations. These include:

• Receiving children back from Oranga Tamariki.

• Personal self-understanding and awareness.

• An increased capacity to make better choices for themselves and their whānau.

• The breaking of cycles of intergenerational trauma, poverty, addictions and isolation.

• A reconnecting with the education system and ability to focus on self-determined futures.

• Recognition from other key government agencies and service providers as they request for our support for their whānau.

To find out more about Kaupapa Māori Trauma-Informed Care, or to talk about how you can access support, phone the VisionWest Whānau Centre – 09 818 0781.

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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