Community Connector

Community Connection is part of the Government’s response to COVID-19 and the need to ensure people are able to access the support they need. Visionwest has partnered with Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to provide a Community Connection service throughout West Auckland.

In simple terms, Visionwest’s Community Connector is a resource person for those who may lack the knowledge or ability to access information and services that would be of support for them.

Visionwest Community Connector

Our West Auckland Community Connector is Debbie Griffiths.

By networking with local agencies and organisations, our Community Connector is able to provide a truly holistic service to individuals and whānau. This may involve introducing a person in need of support to the appropriate agency or organisation for help.

Alternatively, an agency or organisation may have a client who needs support that that agency cannot fulfil. Contact our Community Connector and she will do all she can to provide a solution.

How Community Connection works

Debbie’s role falls mainly into two distinct activities:

1. Supporting people and whānau: If you have a need and are unsure where to get help or, for some reason, can’t access that help, our Community Connector will provide practical support or utilise her network of support agencies and organisations to ensure you receive the support you require.

EXAMPLE: you know are entitled to WINZ support and you need to complete an online application form. However, you don’t have a computer, or you don’t know how to fill in an online form. Our Community Connector will meet with you to ensure you have online access and to support you through the application process.

2. Supporting Communities: The Community Connector is a conduit between the community and agencies by way of linking whānau to a range of services according to their needs.

EXAMPLE: you are wanting to get a job but cannot afford decent clothes for the interview. Our Community Connector will use her knowledge of helpful organisations ensure you have clothes suitable for the occasion.

Contact our West Auckland Community Connector

If you have a need that our Community Connector could help you with, email Debbie:

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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