Chaplaincy at VisionWest Community Trust involves providing support, journeying with whānau, and acting as a link between them and our different services.

It involves listening and helping a person move from a place of vulnerability to a place of transformation. It’s about facilitating the access to practical supports that will generate the hope whānau need to move forward.

In some respects, our chaplain, Heather, works behind the scenes but, to the whānau she is supporting, she is often the hands and face of VisionWest.

Wraparound Services

When a person has an obvious need, it is very easy to focus on that one issue and miss the other challenges they may face in their lives. Our Matapuna Whānau Centre was established to help discover the real needs of whānau and refer them to appropriate VisionWest services. Having said that, through listening and establishing a sincere, non-judgemental relationship, our chaplain also often uncovers deeper issues and enables access to the other services we have to offer.

In providing wraparound care, VisionWest Community Trust also recognises the need to take a holistic approach when offering support to whānau. This includes an appreciation of each person’s wairua or spirituality being an integral part of their wellbeing, while remaining impartial and accepting people for who they are and where they are at without discrimination or judgement.

What our Chaplain Does

Our chaplain’s role is one of journeying alongside our whānau, particularly in times of need, which means:

• Building relationships with trust and compassion.

• Relating to a wide range of people.

• Offering pastoral care, prayer and practical support.

• Providing a safe space for people to explore their spirituality and connection with God.

• In terms of the te whare tapa wha model, chaplaincy helps people consider and explore te taha wairua as an integral part of their well-being.

• Working alongside other professionals to provide holistic support to whānau.

If you would like to speak to our chaplain about any issues you may be facing, phone our Whānau Centre, 09 818-0781.

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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