Let's build hope together


“Everybody does better when everybody does better.” – Jim Hightower

The Challenge: Covid and Beyond

One thing we have learnt throughout Covid-19 is how fickle and insecure life can be. In January 2020, we were going about our everyday lives, making plans, booking holidays, growing families, and setting growth targets at work. A few months later, we are facing a global recession due to the pandemic which is still significantly impacting many areas of our world.

For many families in Aotearoa New Zealand, navigating daily life is a struggle. It was that way before Covid, and the pandemic has added to the challenges they face. However, a little help and an injection of hope can go a long way towards turning their situations around—all it takes is for us to work together – Let’s Build Hope Together.

Building Hope

VisionWest has shown that, with long-term mentoring and tangible support, individuals can discover the hope and strength they need to rise out of challenging circumstances and entire communities can be transformed.

Our team of experienced social workers, support workers, youth workers, trainers and counsellors journey alongside those facing difficulty. They are united in their commitment to create a bright future where poverty loses its grip and hope finds a home.

Not only this, we work to build tools of resilience into the lives of whānau, enabling them to sustain and build on their life transformation.

Your Invitation to Join Together to Build Hope

Today we invite you to join others and become a Hope Builder as we seek to Build Hope Together.

As a Hope Builder, you have the power to help whānau to see their lives transformed through the provision of tangible support such as housing, food, homecare, financial education, job training and counselling. More than a hand up, it’s the chance for whānau to experience the hope of an alternative future—one without homelessness, poverty or loneliness.

As a Hope Builder, you will, through regular news updates, hear stories, and receive statistics and videos showing the life-transformation that you have made possible by joining us to Build Hope Together.

Your support will:

  • Enable whānau to provide nutritious and healthy food for themselves and their children.
  • Enable whānau to become financially solvent and independent.
  • Ensure every whānau has access to a safe and dry home.
  • Empower the elderly to live life on their own terms while ensuring their wellbeing.
  • Create training opportunities for those who require employment.
  • Enable those who need emotional help to find their feet again.

Together, we can build the hope that leads to life transformation.



Our work is always growing and evolving.

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