Support was a lifeline

Support was a lifeline

Shannon* had been receiving food parcels from Visionwest’s Pātaka Kai to help her through a really tough time.

Shannon is a single mum who, whilst looking for work, found herself struggling to make ends meet.

Rising living costs and increasing rent mean many people like Shannon face a similar situation, once essential bills are paid, there is no money left to buy food. As Shannon explains:

“The food parcels were a lifeline for me and my daughter. I’m a single mum so it was comforting to know there was someone out there when I needed help.”

One day a staff member at Visionwest’s Whānau Centre received a phone call from Shannon, she wanted to let the team know that she wouldn’t need the food parcels anymore because she had found a job and was returning to work.

Shannon asked the Whānau Centre staff to let the entire team, and all Visionwest’s supporters, know of her gratitude for the help she and her daughter received through a difficult time in their lives. As she says:

“It’s hard to put into words how grateful I feel for what Visionwest has done for us. They treated me with respect, the whole team are absolutely lovely.”

Thankfully Shannon is now able to manage without the help of Visionwest’s Pātaka Kai but there are many other Kiwis who are still facing hardship.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters, Pātaka Kai distributes around 825 food parcels each month, feeding more than 3,000 people.

* Meeting the needs of people who come to Visionwest for help with compassion, dignity, and manaakitanga is our top priority so, while Shannon’s story is real, we've changed her name and photo to protect her privacy.

We understand it is a great privilege when someone shares the story of their personal journey with us, so always seek their permission before sharing their story with others.