It’s so easy to make a difference

It’s so easy to make a difference

Living locally, Sarah knew of the work of Visionwest so, when it came to doing something to help those who are facing hardship this Christmas, her family decided to buy food and gifts for the 5 Days of Christmas event. She even dropped by with her girls to drop them off to us.

Sarah explains, “We have always known about Visionwest because it’s part of our local community. When my children were younger, we came to Mainly Music and we know a number of people who work for Visionwest.”

“We like to give something at Christmas time and remembered the event Visionwest held this time last year. We thought how cool it would be to support a local group that was helping local people. I also really like that Visionwest already have connections with the community and are aware of the vulnerable families who need help.”

When asked about her family’s motivation for giving, Sarah comments on COVID and the negative affect it has had on many. “Our family has been so fortunate this year. While many people have been adversely affected by COVID, we have been barely touched. We’ve retained our jobs and income but realise there is so much need out there and it’s been really difficult for others.

“I also want my girls to understand how privileged we are and that organisations like Visionwest exist to help people who would otherwise go without. Normally we give a monetary donation but it’s nice to do something practical with the girls. We went to the mall where they helped select gifts and then we did a grocery shop before coming in here to drop the food and gifts off. It’s nice that they were a part of the entire process.”

Sarah is keen to encourage others to give also. “I’d encourage others to give to Visionwest. Not only is it cool to support local, but Visionwest have a really good reputation for supporting families in need. So, just do it.

“And to the people who are receiving help, I hope you’re blessed and receive the support you really need. My family lives in a privileged world where we don’t often come into contact with people who don’t have much but we do want to bless you. Have a great Christmas, we hope that Visionwest’s support is a help to you.”

Thanks Sarah, Sophie and Hayley. We really appreciate your generosity – you helped create Christmas for whānau who would otherwise have gone without this year.