Community Connection

Community Connection

Jody* is too unwell and vulnerable to work but in order to access the government support she needs, she had to complete an online application form.

For Jody this was a major barrier. She doesn’t own a computer and has no idea what an online form is, let alone how to fill one in.

A social worker alerted Visionwest to Jody’s plight and Debbie, Visionwest’s Community Connector, was able to step in and help.

Community Connection is a new Visionwest service provided in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development. The idea is that by networking with local agencies and organisations, a Community Connector can provide a holistic service to help meet the needs of whānau.

This may involve advocating on behalf of a person in need of support with the appropriate agency or organisation, or something that, on the face of it, seems relatively simple like helping a vulnerable person like Jody fill in an online form.

Jody’s story has a happy ending thanks to Community Connection.

Debbie was able to take along her laptop and meet with Jody to work through the online form with her. Jody now receives the crucial, ongoing support she needs.

It’s because of the support of a caring community of individuals who choose to donate, that Visionwest can be here to help vulnerable people like Jody access the support they would otherwise miss out on. Thank you.

*Meeting the needs of people who come to Visionwest for help with compassion, dignity, and manaakitanga is our top priority so, while Jody’s story is real, we've changed her name and photo to protect her privacy.

We understand it is a great privilege when someone shares the story of their personal journey with us, so always seek their permission before sharing their story with others.