Our Team

Our Team

Executive Leadership 

Lisa Woolley


Mark Bogusz

Head of Finance

Richard Nauck

Head of Operations

Brook Turner

Head of Community Service Development

Ian Yost

Head of Human Resources

Fred Astle

Head of Maori Development

Michelle Warner

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Trust Board

Mark Bridges


Michael Taylor

Deputy Chair

Steve Parker


Andrew Fraser


John Bloemendal


Martin Laycock


Home Healthcare

Fatima Juson

Clinical Service Delivery Manager

Atawhai Morgan

Individualised Funding Coach

Stuart Abson

Training Facilitator

Delicia White

Client Care Coordinator

Heather Leicester

Client Service Representative

Mharvy Palma

Client Care Coordinator

Nicola Burton

Care Manager

Arnie van de Geer

Care Placement Coordinator

Trish Taylor

Client Service Representative

Rochelle Roquid

Lead Care Placement Coordinator

Sizani Ngonyamo

Care Manager

No items found.


Camilla Widgery

Senior Counsellor

Andi Billington


Leonie Abson

Centre Administrator


Georgia Woodhouse

Budgeting Service Manager

Debbie Griffiths

Budget Advisor

Sandra Jensen

Financial Mentor


Marlo Camacho

Centre Manager and Teacher

Youngran Park


Liz Skeates


Katrina Carr


Admin Marukore


Deborah Yates


Deborah Stacey

Kindergarten Administrator

Whanau Centre 

Josh Philips

General Manager

Linda Potauaine

Community Banks Manager

Hami Chapman

Youth Social Worker

Tony Dye

Community Chaplain

Germaine Neueli

Social Worker - Families

Rayanna Armstrong

Centre Coordinator

Community Housing Team

James Widgery

General Manager

Mark Woolley

Building Development Manager

Edgar Russell

Property & Tenancy Services Coordinator, Luke Street

Rob Vos

Tenancy Manager, Auckland

Stephen Brown

Housing Locator

Louise Fruean

Senior Admin Coordinator

Nathan Beale

Housing Manager, Christchurch

Susan Ward

Administration Coordinator, Christchurch

Gaylene Turvey

Property Manager

Supportive Housing Team

Will Toia

Clinical Team Leader

Linda Paealiki

Senior Social Worker, South Auckland

Sonya Coop

Support Navigator

Sherree Dayal

Support Navigator

Selena Haami

Support Navigator

Amelia Lienert

Social Worker, Christchurch

Jesse Nelson

Senior Social Worker, Christchurch

Esera Maeata'anoa

Community Worker

Deb Hough

Community Worker, Christchurch

Mavis Lupo

Support Navigator

Training Centre

John Chapman

General Manager

Nigel Chandra

Academic Programmes Manager

Evelyn Salendra

Literacy & Numeracy Coordinator

Korelli Mulitalo

Hospitality Course Tutor

Maggie Heisch

Mahi Ora Facilitator

Ricky Curtin

Mahi Ora Facilitator

Salata Galuvakadua

AE Teacher

Loma Rodan

NCALNE Facilitator

Operations and Partnerships

Richard Nauck

Head of Operations

Anna Fraser

Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Jo Carr

Operations Coordinator

Melita Foster

Philanthropy Coordinator

Julie Wadman

Graphic Designer

Matt Leman

Grounds Maintenance Worker


Mark Bogusz

Head of Finance

Philip Ayers

Finance Partner

Ron Maddox

Finance Manager

Katie O'Keefe


Janeth Mijares

Finance Administrator

Delwynne Reddaway


Vicki Wong

Financial Administration Support

Rachel Parker

Staff & Service Administrator

Human Resources and Health & Safety

Ian Yost

Head of Human Resources

Sujoy Nandy

Human Resources Manager

Ronelle Sass

HR Advisor

Edwina Westerlund

Recruitment Administrator

Ruby Feng

HR Administrator

Jo Rae

Health & Safety Administrator

Quality and Evaluation

Samantha Bogusz

Quality and Evaluation Manager

Lara Young

Quality & Evaluation Analyst

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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