VisionWest Hamper Day

VisionWest Hamper Day


Restore a whānau Christmas this year!


Hamper Day at VisionWest this year will see the distribution of 440 hampers to whānau of varying sizes, containing food for a Christmas meal and family gifts for children 15 and under. Click Here To Gift a Hamper Now! 


This is an operation that consists of months of planning, multiple generous donors, a great many volunteers and labour intensive work for a number of days leading up to it. Getting these 440 hampers out is no small feat and the result of an extensive network of supporters… 

So why…? Why do we do this?

There is a big difference between choosing to forego something and finding yourself in circumstances that prevent you from being able to participate in a long standing tradition and cultural norm. The feelings of exclusion, failure and general misery are very real, thereby undoing any progress that may have been made outside of this occasion.

Therefore, when times are tough it’s almost  important to keep up morale. That sense of normality and tradition become more vital than ever to maintaining hope, mental health and wellbeing.

VisionWest’s Hamper Day seeks to bring this sense of belonging to whānau facing treacherous conditions this year.