Our Philosophy

Eden Cottage Early Learning and Care, offers each child and whānau/family an opportunity to participate in a play based nurturing educational environment that is founded on Christian principles. We believe that strong teamwork between management, educators and parents is imperative to the development of a positive, nurturing, safe and fun curriculum and environment for our children.

At Eden Cottage each child and their family/whānau have the opportunity to participate in a play based, nurturing, educational environment.

We value our families and welcome all cultures, striving to ensure our programme is equitable and valuing to all. We respect the Treaty of Waitangi and work towards extending and providing children an understanding of Tikanga Maori and Te Reo.

We work side by side with our families to support each child’s emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth. We believe that outcomes for children are best when centre management, educators and parents work together. We encourage a sense of community within our centre.

Our programme is based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum ‘Te Whāriki’. We are inspired by ‘ Reggio Emilia approach’. It allows and guides children to choose and transform the environment to challenge and maximize their curiosity.

Teachers constantly listen and observe children while they discover their interests. They use this knowledge to help the team to plan the curriculum and prepare the teaching tools and environment, while pursuing developmental improvement.

At Eden Cottage, each teacher has the firm desire and commitment to nurture the processes of learning by encouraging each child to develop at their own pace and in their own way that they may grow into individuals with an on-going curiosity and desire for learning.

Our work is always growing and evolving.

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