Baptist HomeCare with Fatima Juson

Baptist HomeCare with Fatima Juson

Each day behind closed doors, VisionWest Baptist HomeCare allows the elderly and disabled to live independently in their own homes. Fatima Juson is VisionWest’s Clinical Service Delivery Manager who oversees the daily operation of Baptist HomeCare in West Auckland.

Baptist HomeCare is all about supporting people within the local community, sending carers into the homes of the elderly or people with disabilities to assist them with day to day life. Sometimes having assistance for the seemingly small tasks such as meal preparation, showering, or household chores can be the determining factor as to whether a person can continue living in their own home, and Baptist HomeCare exists to cater to those needs. At VisionWest, Fatima oversees both the clinical and administrative aspects of the Baptist HomeCare programme, and knows just how important this service is.

Fatima first moved to New Zealand seven years ago with a background in healthcare management. When she started looking for work, Fatima felt it was more important to find a workplace whose values aligned with her own than it was to make the highest salary. This role at VisionWest was one which she felt strongly about applying for. Fatima instantly “fell in love with the place and the people,” and has been overseeing this important service ever since.

VisionWest’s Baptist HomeCare is part of a larger national HomeCare programme, and their services can range from daily personal homecare and household management to visits from nurses or volunteers. Like any role involving interactions with other people, it comes with its own set of challenges, including the need to cater to a wide range of cultural differences. However, working within Baptist HomeCare is also extremely rewarding, and Fatima prides herself in knowing that Baptist HomeCare is making a big difference in people’s lives. For Baptist HomeCare clients, the ability to stay in their own homes is important to them, and would not be possible without VisionWest’s HomeCare Support Workers.

Fatima showed me a thank you card which a client had sent in the mail. Little tokens of gratitude such as these remind her that “whatever we do matters to them,” and assure her that Baptist HomeCare is maintaining independence and providing support in the lives of many. Fatima is part of a larger service making a positive difference in our community, and a thank you card like this one proves that each act of service is greatly appreciated.

Written by freelance writer Emily Woodward